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Kitchen Gadgets

Buy Australia’s Kitchenware with Flair Online

Looking to bring your collection of cooking wares to the next level of style and quality? Our array of kitchen gadgets online will help you supercharge your preparation time without costing a small fortune. Don’t sacrifice quality for good prices anymore – Zevro ensures only the best design and materials are used, and strives to keep our products affordable for every Australian. We’ve been creating and manufacturing innovative homewares for many years now, and we’re positive you’ll be able to find something that you’ll love here. Our kitchen gadgets bring a modern twist to any Australian kitchen, and all orders are processed right here in Sydney. Kitchenware doesn’t have to be boring anymore!

Our serving of kitchenware available online

Instead of going through the steps of getting pasta cooked in the traditional way on your stovetop, free up space for your sauce by using our Perfetto Pasta Cooker. All you have to do is put your pasta into the sturdy plastic canister, boil water in a kettle and add, and then cover it all with the included lid. You’ll only have to wait mere minutes and bingo! Perfectly cooked pasta! It successfully evaporates the stress of nasty boil-overs.

Another handy gadget for any kitchen is the Press ‘n Measure, which is available in both beige and green colours. These little beauties make measuring a breeze; all you have to do is fill them (with whatever liquid you like, e.g. cooking oil) and squeeze. The portion measurements will help you add a perfect amount every time, and the spout makes for a simple pour.

To bring a sense of Sir Isaac Newton into your kitchen, take a look at our Smartfunnel™ packages, in either red or white. Measure specific amounts of liquids or powders using the marked increments on the side, and when you’re ready simply turn the lever and let gravity do the rest!

Kitchenware isn’t the only thing you can buy

Further to this unique list of gadgets available, you can also pick up several other items; from barware to food dispensers and so much more. Give your kitchen space a modern kick with our wonderful range of affordable products!

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