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Australia’s Innovative Selection of Spice Grinders, Racks and More

You might have thought you couldn’t make salt and pepper dispensers very interesting. You might have thought there wasn’t much room for creative flair. Well that is where you’re wrong. If you’re looking to buy a spice rack in Australia which pulls its weight a lot more than the standard variety, ensure you check out the range at Zevro to see how we can spice up your cooking experience.

Whether you’re in the food business or consider yourself a modern day Jamie Oliver in the kitchen on the weekends, you can appreciate the advantage of embracing efficient kitchenware. You might not be rushing against the clock like a MasterChef finalist, but a few seconds saved here and there can make all the difference when attending to several cooking edible delights at once. This is where our fantastic product range nudges ahead of the pack. We strive to offer our customers valuable products, such as our spice mills and herb grinders, which are as innovative as they are efficient.      

It’s a spice grinder… What’s the big deal?

Unlike standard household herb grinders, our products look for simple ways in which they can make your cooking experience convenient and straightforward. Take our Dial-a-Spice™ for example. This clever design and easy to use dispenser allows users to store and distribute 2-4 spices with ease. This is especially well suited for restaurants or cafes who wish to provide each of their tables with multiple spices, without unnecessary clutter.

Our sophisticated spice mills double as grinders and dispensers all in one and have been appreciated around Australia by restaurants and households, both. Serving as either a herb or spice grinder, our mills boast a durable ceramic grinding mechanism to efficiently grind and distribute their contents.

If you’re looking to buy a spice rack with a little bit of artistic functionality, our Zero Gravity™ magnetic wall mounted chrome racks will make storage easy, whilst looking great in any kitchen design.

More than just spice mills dispensers   

Here at Zevro, we supply high quality dispensers for a variety of applications. Whether for dry foods, candy, sugar or coffee, our sophisticated products are sure to provide a welcomed addition to your kitchen. You might also be interested in our premium barware and food storage solutions.

For more information on our spice racks and herb and spice grinders available for delivery throughout Australia, please give us a call today on +61 2 9698 3588.


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