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Why Everyone Should Love Their Kitchen More

    Haven’t you heard? Your kitchen is more than just the place where food magically appears. The point and purpose of a kitchen is deeper – and much more important to your life – than you probably realised.


    Here’s how your kitchen has been helping you all this time.


    1. It contributes to the dynamic of your romantic relationships: take a boyfriend into the kitchen and you may be pleasantly surprised. Take a girlfriend into the kitchen and, who knows, you may be pleasantly amused. The point is that a kitchen can be a light-hearted place where new relationships can blossom.
    2. A kitchen is an example of social change: they say a woman’s place is in the kitchen. There’s no denying that the social stigma attached to the kitchen is one that used to mean it was a female domain. However as society has grown, evolved, and morphed into an accepting shape, the presence of men cooking exemplifies a shift in that particularly archaic notion.
    3. It’s a place for family bonding: it’s where your little ones learn to fend for themselves and you’re the one teaching them. Going through the motions of cooking – and eating together – leads to a sense of togetherness.
    4. Health begins in your kitchen: isn’t it fantastic that the food you stock in your kitchen can help you on the road to a healthier body and better lifestyle?
    5. It’s as stressful as you make it: kitchens do have a way of daunting some. Others, however, see the kitchen as a beast to be tamed. Those people use their kitchen to de-stress, unwind, relax and forget about the things they cannot control.
    6. Your kitchen has evolved with you, and tells your story: when you were in uni you might not have had any appliances other than a toastie press, or maybe you were a budding chef and cooked for your roommates. The kind of kitchen you kept speaks volumes of how much you have grown.
    7. It’s a place of mystery for little ones: the benches are so high that kids can’t see the tops – anything could lay up there, absolutely anything! And the pantry – what exotic surprises might lay inside that foreign closet?
    8. It is the room in your house that literally has the ability to keep you alive: it has food. That is the beginning and ending of fantastic.



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